Vape Shops Paying Price for Selling Counterfeit Products

A vape shop in Wyandotte County in the U.S. state of Kansas business has been ordered to pay $30,000 for selling counterfeit vaping products. Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says a Vinodbhai Patel, operator of Jay Ganegh, LLC, has been ordered to pay $30,000 in penalties for selling fake e-cigarette products.

vape shop customer
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The company was ordered to pay the civil penalties in a consent judgment that was approved on Tuesday in Wyandotte Co. District Court by Judge Constance Alvery, according to an article on Schmidt said the defendants were also ordered to reimburse the cost of the investigation into their business.

Schmidt said that the consumer protection judgment is the third reached by his office in the past six months that address counterfeit e-cigarette products discovered by his Tobacco Enforcement Unit. Schmidt said in October of 2020, Aaron Dune and Smoke Stax, LLC, were ordered to pay $5,000 in civil penalties and the costs of his investigation in a case filed in Sedgwick Co.

According to the ruling, the defendants knowingly misled customers by falsely representing e-cigarette products to be authentic branded merchandise when they were not. Schmidt said the products involved in the case included both vaping hardware and e-liquids, adding that additional investigations into counterfeit vaping products remain pending.