SnowPlus Teams With Canadian Manufacturer Dvine

SnowPlus has started to re-allocate certain aspects of its production to Canada. The China-based vaping hardware manufacturer confirmed its partnership with Canadian manufacturing company, Dvine Laboratories, in a recent press release.

SnowPlus neon devices
Credit: SnowPlus

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Dvine Laboratories to have SnowPlus products manufactured in Canada under the stringent standards of quality,” said Brad Jemmett, general manager of SnowPlus Canada “Having a trusted local manufacturing partner will not only improve our supply chain, but also allow SnowPlus to offer premium quality e-Liquids made by Canadians, for Canadian adult vapers.”

The outpost will be located in Lindsay, Ontario. The company states that localization has become an important part of its growth strategy and it no longer needs to rely on one region or producer to be responsible for all of its production needs. An estimated 90 percent of the world’s vaping and e-cigarette devices are designed and manufactured by about 1,000 factories throughout Shenzhen, China, with thousands more companies forming the supply chain throughout Guangdong province.

The move makes SnowPlus the only domestic and international source for vape products and accessories in Canada. “We’re thrilled to have a partner like SnowPlus. Not only are they as committed to quality standards as we are, they share in our values of giving back to the communities we serve,” stated Nick Paparamborda, vp of sales at Dvine Laboratories. “This partnership will create more jobs for Canadians and opportunities for small business owners.”

SnowPlus and Dvine Laboratories have stated that e-liquid for Canadian SnowPlus products will be produced in Canada, as well as filling pods, final assembly and packaging. “This ensures that product output is consistent to our government specifications and testing standards. The result is a Canadian vetted product that can be purchased locally,” the release states.