U.S. Senator Romney Calls for Federal Flavor Ban

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney on Thursday pushed for flavored vaping products to be pulled from shelves across the United States. Romney introduced legislation in Sept. 2019 that would have banned the sale of all flavored vape products except tobacco flavors, but it was never taken up for a vote.

Credit: Office of Mitt Romney

Romney’s comments during the confirmation hearing for President Joe Biden’s nominee for surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, echo similar statements the senator has made in the past, according to kutv.com.

“The analysis shows that nearly one fourth of high school kids are vaping on a regular basis — tobacco products — and in many cases marijuana, as well,” Romney said, adding that the government needs to do everything it can to stop the sale of flavored vaping products and implement a robust public education campaign to warn kids about the dangers of vaping.

In Oct. 2019, the Utah Department of Health issued an emergency order banning the sale of flavored vape products in Utah, which was met swiftly with a lawsuit from tobacco retailers. The products remain available for sale today.

In 2019, the legal age to purchase tobacco products in the U.S. was raised from 18 to 21.