Alabama House Passes Bill to Raise Age to Vape to 21

A proposal to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes and certain vaping devices is being considered by the Alabama Senate after lawmakers in the Alabama House of Representatives passed the resolution by a vote of 74 to 18.

Credit: David Mark

State representatives returned to work Tuesday after taking a vacation last week. The bill to raise the legal age to buy products with nicotine from 19 to 21 was one of the first bills on the agenda in the state House. It’s sponsored by Representatives Barbara Drummond [D], Napoleon Bracy [D], Merika Coleman-Evans [D], David Faulkner [R], Ralph Howard [D] and Debbie Wood [R].

House Bill 273’s text says “Under existing law, an individual under the age of 19 may not purchase, possess, or transport tobacco products, electronic nicotine delivery systems, or alternative nicotine products.”