• April 22, 2024

PMI Investigated for Smoke-Free ‘Advertisement’

 PMI Investigated for Smoke-Free ‘Advertisement’
Photo: Arkadiusz Fajer

The Dutch food safety body NVWA is investigating a campaign by Philip Morris International (PMI)  to promote smoke free alternatives, reports DutchNews.

PMI has launched a new website for the products and promoted it with a page advert in the Telegraaf at the weekend. In that advert, the company said Dutch smokers have the right to information about smoke-free alternatives.

While not mentioning the products by name, the advertisement does include the company’s brand name. Advertising tobacco products is illegal in the Netherlands.

The NVWA investigation follows complaints by anti-smoking groups. If found to have broken the ban, PMI could be fined up to €450,000 ($546,010).