Israeli Lawmaker Wants Vapor Taxed Same as Cigarettes

A lawmaker in Israel wants to tax vaping products the same as traditional tobacco cigarettes. Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz is set to propose legislation to combat smoking addiction in Israel, including disposable electronic cigarettes that he says have become popular among Israeli teenagers.

According to the Isreal Hayom, quoting anonymous sources sources states: “There is concern that in the past the decision-making of the political echelon with regards to e-cigarettes was motivated by unprofessional considerations,” the source states. “Horowitz intends to investigate the matter of disposable electronic cigarettes and government policies and restrictions on smoking products … with the consideration of public health alone.”

Credit: Christoph

As part of his initiative, the health minister is looking to raise the tax on vapors to equal regular cigarettes and tobacco; withdraw the special permit that had been granted to newspapers and other written advertising to print cigarette ads; and adopt graphic warnings on cigarette packages – a measure not yet applied in Israel but used in 120 countries worldwide, according to the story.

“The idea to make electronic cigarettes disposable is a sophisticated and dangerous marketing manipulation,” CEO of nonprofit Smoke Free Israel Shira Kislev said. “Because teenagers then think they are not risking getting addicted to cigarettes because their vapor will only last them one time. But the nicotine content makes these e-cigarettes addictive, and in a cruel way, repeated use makes teenagers smoke them more and more.”