Avail Enters Marijuana Market With Home Grow Kits

A new line of marijuana growing kits for home use has been launched by Avail Vapor, one of the largest vaping companies in the world. Avail’s cannabis kits started to be sold in 18 of its Virginia-based stores under the Avail Grow brand on July 1, according to Maggie Gowen, Avail’s senior director of marketing and communications. Avail’s marijuana growing supplies will be available only in-store and not online.

Credit: Avail Grow

The growing kits feature soil, nutrients, lamps and other equipment needed to grow marijuana in Virginia, where marijuana became legal on July 1. The kits do not offer seeds, however. The sale of marijuana seeds and plants are illegal in Virginia. Residents over the age of 21 in Virginia are allowed to have up to four marijuana plants per household.

Priced at $130, the Starter Kit is intended to be used from germination through the seedling phase. Two additional kits are being offered by Avail Grow for $600 and $800 that will bring the plants to the harvesting stage. The larger kits also offer tenting and a filtration system.

Avail Grow is the vapor manufacturers second foray into the cannabis market. Avail launched its Leafana Wellness line of cannabidiol (CBD) products in 2019. Early last year, Avail Vapor split into three separate entities: Avail Vapor LLC (retail), Blackbriar Regulatory Services (contract manufacturing, laboratory services and FDA compliance consulting) and Blackship Technologies LLC (research and development).