HCMC to Receive Patent For Enclosed Vape Cartridge

A new patent will be issued tomorrow to Healthier Choices Management Corp. (HCMC) for a e-cigarette cartridge. U.S. Patent No. 11,064,732, Electronic Vaporizer Cartridge with Encased Heat Source, encompasses novel HCMC technology directed at a vaporizer cartridge with internal components encased in a non-reactive material such as quartz, ceramic or the like.

Credit: Olivier le Moal

The design avoids a potentially toxic reaction between e-liquid, cannabis or CBD oils, or other substances, and the heated metal components of the cartridge. The patent grant expands HCMC’s portfolio of patent assets that promote a healthier way to vape, according to a press release.

“The issuance of this patent is significant in our attempts to make vaping safer. Essentially, this patent is technologically the reverse process of our previously issued patents for our Q-Cup technology,” said Jeff Holman, CEO of HCMC. “Studies have shown that liquids and oils can act as solvents when they sit in direct contact with a metal coil, thereby leeching out heavy metals which can then be ingested during the vaping process. This breakthrough technology has the potential to completely eliminate this problem.”

The design is similar to how a light bulb works. A light bulb has a metal filament inside, but a consumer can only touch the outer glass, which gets hot from the heat of the filament. Similarly, the metal coil being encased in a quartz “bulb” prevents the liquid or oil from coming in direct contact with, or “touching” the metal coil, according to the release. The metal coil heats the quartz, the substance is in contact with the heated quartz, and the vapor is produced without the substance ever touching the metal coil directly.

“While there have been several advances in vape cartridges through the years, most of them have focused on what I will call ‘bells and whistles,’ like controlling device functions from an app. As a result, some of the best vaping cartridges on the market, for both e-liquid and cannabis oil, still have an antiquated exposed metal coil and wicking system at their cores,” explained Holman. “[HCMC] is now exploring our options with regards to producing and distributing these bulb cartridges, or partnering with existing manufacturers that would benefit from providing a potentially groundbreaking and safer cartridge to their customers.”