• May 28, 2024

ICCPP Launches New Ceramic Core

 ICCPP Launches New Ceramic Core
Photo: ICCPP

ICCPP, the parent company of Voopoo, has launched its first ceramic core technology brand, Gene Tree.

According to ICCPP, the new core addresses shortcomings of existing ceramic core products, which tend to suffer from light taste, sticking powder and burning coils. Such issues, says the company, affect not only the user experience but also pose a threat to consumers’ health.

Developing the new generation of ceramic core products involved more than 1,000 days of technical explorations and scientific experiments. In addition, it took tens of thousands of hours to choose the best solution from more than 2,000 sets of ceramic core material formulations.

ICCPP’s research and development team comprises more than 300 people, including more than 40 holding either doctoral or master’s degrees. In addition solving the problem of ceramic coils’ powder sticking and dropping, ICCPP managed to turn its R&D results into a solution fit for mass production.

In a blind test among more than 3,000+ vapers, participants indicated they favored the taste of Gene Tree over that of competing products.

According to ICCP, ceramic cores on the market generally have poor “taste reduction.” To compensate, companies traditionally have increased the amount of nicotine—but this isn’t an option for disposable vapor product sold in countries that limit nicotine concentrations.

According to ICCPP, 20 mg of nicotine salt in liquid vaporized with Gene Tree can achieve the same result as 30 mg of nicotine salt used in a competing product. Weighing about 0.07 g, Gene Tree’s volume is also 50 percent smaller than existing ceramic cores.

ICCP says the Gene Tree ceramic core is made of environmentally friendly mineral materials.