PUDO to Service West Coast Supply and E-Liquid Depot

Photo: ipopba

PUDO, a North American carrier-neutral parcel pick-up and drop-off counter network, signed client service agreements with online vaping industry retailers West Coast Vape Supply and ELiquid Depot.

According to PUDO, many major carrier services are unable to meet the age and identity verification (AIV) and other requirements of the new legislation, which governs the delivery of industry-specific branded consumer products, including alternative smoking accessories and consumables with active ingredients. With its carrier-agnostic parcel pick-up and drop-off counter locations throughout North America, PUDO says it offers a solution for AIV.

 “We are excited to explore new delivery opportunities with PUDO and continue to bring harm reduction technologies to our customers,” said Mike Ibrahim, CEO of West Coast Vape Supply, in a statement. “This new agreement will help solve shipping challenges, and we hope new customers who would like to find another nicotine-delivery method can benefit.”

 “We believe adult smokers and ex-smokers deserve access to a wide variety of smoke-free vaping products,” said American Vaping Association President Gregory Conley. “At the same time, we also understand the concerns that legislators and public officials have expressed about home delivery of these products occurring without crucial safeguards being in place to prevent youth access. We are excited to have PUDO as a solution for millions of American adult consumers.”

 “Our PUDOpoint Counters operators are benefiting from increased parcel volumes and foot traffic; vape industry customers are benefiting by being able to pick up the parcels during extended hours and on weekends at locations near to where they live, work or play; and online retailers are enjoying frictionless, seamless compliance,” said PUDO Founder and CEO Frank Coccia. “A triple homerun.”