Science Council Creates List of Vaping ‘Junk Science’

There may be no industry with more misinformation than vaping. The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) today published a list of many of the vaping and e-cigarette related studies that involved “junk science.”

Credit: Kraken Images

“The media reports the results of sloppy vaping research, then quickly forgets them. We do not,” writes Cameron English for the pro-industry advocacy organization founded in 1978. “What follows is a list of many of the low-quality studies that have investigated the alleged health risks of e-cigarette use. We’ll regularly update this catalog of bad studies as necessary.”

The list has all the recent players, such as vaping’s impact on erectile dysfunction, stroke, bone damage and mental health.

“The past year has seen the publication of many studies alleging that e-cigarette use (vaping) carries very serious health consequences, everything from depression to erectile dysfunction and higher stroke risk,” English writes. “Each paper generated widespread media coverage, usually one news outlet duplicating the uncritical coverage of the last, giving consumers the false impression that vaping poses a greater health threat than it actually does. When we examined these studies in more detail, we identified their serious flaws and reported them to our readers.”

English also suggests that health reporters tend to obsess over a topic for a few days then forget it entirely, quickly moving on to the next exaggerated study. This means the public often only hears the information relayed from the faulty study and is never informed that the information isn’t sound.