• September 29, 2023

VPR Settles 3 More Patent Suits for Auto-Draw Technology

 VPR Settles 3 More Patent Suits for Auto-Draw Technology
Illustration: VPR Brands

XL Vape, VGOD and Saltnic have agreed to pay VPR brands $155,000 to settle patent-infringement litigation related to VPR’s auto-draw technology, according to a press release. As part of the deal, VPR brands has granted each of the companies a non-exclusive license to practice the invention set forth in the disputed intellectual property.

Dating from 2009, U.S. patent 8,205,622 covers electronic cigarette products containing an electric airflow sensor, including a sensor comprised of a diaphragm microphone. The sensor turns the battery on and off, and covers most auto-draw, button less e-cigarettes, cig-a-likes, pod devices and vaporizers using an airflow sensor rather than a button. The technology is covered under electronic cigarette utility patent

VPR Brands has started to identify and notify over 50 of the leading companies using its auto-draw technology. XL Vape, VGOD and Saltnic were prioritized based on their sales volumes and popularity.

According to VPR Brands, most nicotine vaping devices sold in the U.S. today utilize an auto-draw/button-less technology. The company is investigating all button-less vape devices within the nicotine, CBD, and cannabis space that initiate vaporization from the user’s airflow inhalation as they would be suspect of infringement.

The company says it may also seek a buyer for its patent in the future, citing the example of Ruyan, which in August 2013 sold its e-cigarette patent to Imperial Tobacco group for $75 million.

VPR’s settlement with XL Vape, VGOD and Saltnic follows earlier settlements with Nepa 2 Wholesale and HQDTech, and PHD Marketing.