More Jamaicans Embracing Vaping to Quit Combustibles

Credit: Luzitanija

Jamaica has seen a rise in e-cigarette sales. In a recent interview with the owner of local vape shops, a story in the Jamaica Observer states that increasing number of Jamaicans are turning to vape retail outlets across the island to curtail their smoking habit.

Ravn Rae, the owner the Mez Vape & Smoke Shop, which has been in operation since 2013, says they have received countless testimonials from its local and international customers, who have used Rae’s vaping products to help them successfully quit tobacco smoking.

The shop has locations in Kingston and Montego Bay and Rae told the newspaper that she prides herself on only selling “authentic, certified, quality-assured and proven products to buyers” that are over 18 years of age.

“I have even been visited by parents on numerous occasions seeking safer vape products to help their adult children quit smoking,” she attests. “The good thing about vape products is that they have been proven to be much safer alternatives to combustible cigarettes and the level of nicotine in vape products can be determined by the buyer.”

Flavors other than tobacco are also popular with adult Jamaican consumers, according to Rae. She revealed that some flavor profiles are also more effective than others “as these are not the generic flavors that smokers typically associate with traditional tobacco cigarettes.”