Bangor, Maine to Repeal Flavor Ban Before Law is Enacted

Credit: Adobe

The Bangor City Council plans to repeal an ordinance that would have implemented a ban on flavored tobacco sales in the city.

Bangor initially approved the ban back in October. It was set to go into effect June 1, but during a meeting on Monday, city officials said they did not give businesses enough warning about the new law.

City officials were required to give businesses at least 30-days’ notice, which they reported did not happen, according to News Center Maine. Because of that, officials said the ban would be difficult to enforce and could even open the city up to possible lawsuits. The city council was not sure why the notice never happened.

Councilors can still pass a new ordinance in the future. Bangor was the first community in Maine to approve a ban on flavored tobacco. Portland and Brunswick also have bans that are set to start June 1.

A proposal for a statewide ban on flavored tobacco is still working its way through the Maine Legislature.