Utah Schools Join Juul Labs Class Action Suit

Credit: Steheap

Nearly every school district in the state of Utah joined a mass tort lawsuit against Juul Labs. Park City Schools is the only Utah school district not participating in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims Juul Labs was deliberately using youthful marketing strategies. The lawsuit also claims the company misrepresents and fails to mention that its e-cigarettes are “more potent or addictive” than cigarettes, according to KUTV.

Juul Labs removed all flavors other than tobacco, mint and menthol from their offerings in 2019 after federal regulators accused the vape maker of using the flavors to lure minors to vape. That same year, the company announced it was suspending its print, broadcast and online advertising in the United States.

The Frantz Law Group of California has filed the mass tort lawsuit on behalf of 700 school districts across the country. Salt Lake City law firm Kirton McConkie will head up the Utah portion of the lawsuit. Attorney Jim Frantz and William Shinoff say Juul Labs directly marketed to minors, “because we’re dealing directly with minors, and undermining them and addicting them and that’s really as low as you can go,” says Frantz.