First Illegal E-Cigarette Arrests Made By Hong Kong Police

Credit: Polack

Hong Kong police arrested two men, who are being held in custody under suspicion of selling and possessing a poison in Part 1 of the Pharmacy and Poisons Regulations as well as selling alternative smoking products, according to a report in the South China Morning Post. The arrests follow the implementation of a new e-cigarette ban.

The new law went into effect last weekend, banning the import, sale and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, heated-tobacco products and herbal cigarettes. Those caught breaking the law are subject to a maximum fine of HKD50,000 ($6,370) and six months’ imprisonment. Under the law, consumers are still allowed to use vaping products.

Police seized 94 boxes of suspected nicotine-containing electronic cigarette cartridges and 74 smoking devices from a mobile retail outlet in Mong Kok.

“The government appeals to smokers to quit smoking as early as possible for their own health and that of others,” said a Department of Health spokesperson.