Washington County, Oregon Votes to Ban Flavored Vapes

Credit: Raw F8

Washington County voters Tuesday overwhelmingly upheld a ban on sales of flavored vaping and other tobacco products.

According to election returns released by the Secretary of State’s Office, 76 percent of ballots were against a repeal of a county policy banning sales of flavored products.

The ban is the first of its kind among Oregon counties.

County commissioners originally passed the policy banning flavored tobacco in November before a vaping industry advocate Jonathan Polonsky successfully gathered enough signatures to put the issue up to voters, according to Pamplin Media Group (PMG).

On the ballot, the measure read “Should ordinance 878, prohibiting flavored tobacco products, machine sales, coupons, discounts, and moveable sales of tobacco products, be repealed?”

Polonsky tried to challenge the wording of the measure, which required voters to vote “yes” against the ban or “no” in favor of the ban, in Washington County Circuit Court, but a judge upheld the measure.

Polonsky told the PMG earlier this month if a majority of voters choose “no,” he intends to appeal the results to an appellate court to determine whether the results of the election are valid based on the ballot language.

According to Tuesday’s results, 66,192 ballots were in favor of the ban, while 20,089 were against it.