L.A. Mayor Signs Flavor Ban into Law, Begins Jan. 1

Credit: Rafinade

A flavor ban for vaping and tobacco products passed by the Los Angeles city council in early June by a 12-0 vote, is scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023, after it was signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday.

While the law could face legal challenges before its effective date arrives, it could also come after a statewide ban on the sale of flavored tobacco might be in place, as voters will decide the matter as part of the November election.

If voters approve a statewide ban, it could be in effect as early as Dec. 8. Flavored shisha tobacco sold in existing hookah lounges that have their own ventilation system are expemt.

Premium cigars did not receive any exemption in the city’s ban, nor did any products that use menthol. The ordinance does not prohibit the possession or use of flavored tobacco products.

The ban that California’s voters will decide includes an exemption for both shisha tobacco as well as large flavored cigars, though in order to be exempt these cigars would need to have a wholesale price of at least $12, meaning they would retail for around $37 given California’s high tax rate on cigars, according to Halfwheel.