UAE Drivers Urged Not to Leave E-Cigarettes in Cars

Fire chiefs in the United Arab Emirates have warned drivers that leaving e-cigarettes and vaping devices in a vehicle could lead to a fire as temperatures rise during the summer. It was over 103 degrees Fahrenheit in Dubai on June 15.

Electronic nicotine-delivery systems (ENDS) devices and other battery-powered gadgets can be extremely susceptible to heat, causing them to melt and catch fire, the chiefs stated.

In the first three months of this year, Dubai’s emergency services responded to 94 reports of blazes involving cars, buses and trucks for several factors including electronic devices overheating. Everyday household items such as lighters, batteries, power banks, e-scooters, electric cigarettes, perfume bottles and gas cans can start fires if left in cars during extreme heat.

Lithium-ion batteries can catch fire as they are extremely sensitive to high temperatures and are found in many common devices such as e-cigarettes, mobile phones, e-scooters and power banks.

“Authorities warn against keeping all objects that have the ability to ignite such as the items mentioned,” Thomas Edelman, managing director of Road Safety UAE, told The National.

“This is the reason why airlines are very cautious about these items. Imagine how much warmer batteries can get when left inside cars during the hotter weather. They can react and potentially explode which poses great danger,” said Edelman. “When temperatures rise, gases can form more easily and a spark can basically ignite those gases and lead to a fire.”