Pennsylvania Court Overturns THC Vape Recall

Credit: J Zehnder

Marijuana vapes are again legal in Pennsylvania.

A Commonwealth Court judge on Wednesday allowed Pennsylvania medical marijuana companies to resume selling vapes that were taken off the shelves in February in a controversial recall. The state is expected to appeal the ruling.

“We are thrilled about this decision,” said Judith D. Cassel, an attorney for a group of cannabis companies that sued state regulators in February, alleging that the recall was unfounded, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“The vapes can go immediately back on the shelves and the grower processors can continue or commence producing these vapes,” said Cassel, a partner at Hawke McKeon & Sniscak LLP in Harrisburg.

The ruling is a blow to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, which in February mandated a massive recall and ban of 670 types of cannabis concentrates for vaping — 330,000 units — that they had previously approved for sale in Pennsylvania’s more than 150 marijuana dispensaries