Philip Morris Opens Flagship IQOS Store in South Africa

Credit: Arkadiusz Fajer

Philip Morris South Africa (PMSA) announced the opening of its new flagship boutique IQOS store in Canal Walk, Cape Town, South Africa, five years after the smoke-free brand was introduced to the local market.

“Our significant continued investment into stores like the Canal Walk site, reinforces our commitment to achieving a smoke-free South Africa, with a product that is a much better choice for adults than continued smoking,” said Branislav Bibic, managing director of PMSA. “It’s a commitment like this that is in line with PMI’s full-scale global effort to offer adult smokers better alternatives that can ultimately replace cigarettes.”

The company has openly committed to a move away from the cigarette business and continues to expand its IQOS portfolio of electronic tobacco devices designed to heat rather than burn tobacco, and the brand’s retail footprint, according to Biz Community.

IQOS heats specially-created tobacco sticks, called Heets, at a controlled temperature, avoiding combustion and “producing an aerosol that emits on average 95 percent lower levels of harmful chemicals than an ordinary cigarette”, according to the company.

While the device provides a nicotine fix and tobacco-taste satisfaction for smokers, Iqos does not produce smoke, ash or a cigarette smell.

Since 2008, the Marlboro and Chesterfield maker has invested over $9 billion in scientific research, product- and commercial development, and in production capacity to drive the continuous innovation of smoke-free products.