Study: Vapes Reduce Heart Risks Compared to Smokes

Credit: Apple Design

A new study shows that aerosols from nicotine vaping do not produce the cellular effects caused by cigarette smoke that lead to vascular damage and the onset of a host of heart diseases.

The research, published in Wiley Analytical Science, also found that aerosols from heated tobacco products produced substantially fewer adverse cellular effects compared to combustible cigarettes.

The study is part of the Replica Project, whose mission is to replicate the most well-known studies conducted by tobacco companies in order to independently assess their scientific validity.

The project is run by the Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of Harm Reduction (CoEHAR), according to Helen Redmond, writing for Filter.

The new study was conducted by an international group of researchers affiliated with CoEHAR at independent laboratories in Indonesia, Oman, Russia, Serbia, Greece and the U.S. 

The researchers replicated a study done in 2017 by scientists BAT, which demonstrated that the endothelial cell migration inhibition caused by cigarette smoke (the endothelium is a membrane lining the heart and blood vessels) is not caused by e-cig aerosol exposure.

The Replica study, using the Vype ePen3 and the heated tobacco products Glo Pro and IQOS 3 Duo, corroborated the findings of the BAT study.