Brazil Cracks Down on E-Cigarette Retail Sales

Credit: Sharaf Maksumov

Brazil’s Justice Department Thursday ordered 32 businesses to stop selling e-cigarettes. They have 48 hours to comply or face a $960 fine.

Vaping products have been banned in Brazil since 2009. However vaping products are still easily available, according to reports.

One of the businesses on the list is Carrefour, the country’s largest supermarket with over 1,000 stores, according to a media report.

In July, the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), voted to uphold the country’s e-cigarette brand.

A survey carried out in the first quarter of 2022 by the Vital Strategies organization and the Federal University of Pelotas, revealed that 19.7 percent of Brazilians aged between 18 and 24 have tried electronic cigarettes.