Nicaragua Bans Imports of E-Cigarette Products

Credit: Adaptice

In Nicaragua, the General Directorate of Customs Services issued the technical circular identified as CT/116/2022, informing the officials of the General Directorate of Customs Services and the public of the prohibition on the importation of electronic cigarettes and the obligation of importers and exporters of tobacco to register before the National Sanitary Regulation Authority.

The ban on electronic cigarettes entering the country is absolute, prohibiting the import, export, storage, distribution, marketing, and use of electronic nicotine delivery systems, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or other similar devices with or without nicotine, according to JD Supra.

The regulation prohibits the entry into the country of these products, even for personal use, by empowering customs officials to seize such products from travelers for subsequent delivery to the National Sanitary Regulation Authority (ANRS).

The rule also establishes that companies engaged in the manufacture, import, and export of tobacco products, including vaping products, and their derivatives in Nicaragua must register with the Health Regulation Directorate of the ANRS to carry out customs clearance of this type of merchandise under any customs regime.

Before this provision entered into force, the e-cigarette and vaporizer industry was unregulated.