China Rules Make Shops Close, Black Market Growing

Before China's national standards were implemented, vape shops were growing rapidly throughout the country. (Photo: Timothy S. Donahue)

China’s National Standard for Electronic Cigarettes have begun, however, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily claims many businesses still secretly sell the “fruit flavor” that has been banned from sale, a Chinese news outlet claims.

The report also states that after the implementation of the national standard several vape shops have closed. A reporter from Beijing Daily visited some e-cigarette sales stores or brand counters on October 2 and found that a small number of stores had been closed, and the words “transfer” were also posted.

In stores that are still in operation, only an estimated six brands of vaping products are on display, and there only two or three varieties of products. Some stores have seen the increased sale of combustible tobacco products.

China’s ban on flavored vapor products went into effect on Oct. 1 along with other new vaping product standards that were decided on earlier this year.

In November 2021, Chinese law was amended to bring the vapor industry under control of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, which regulates China’s tobacco products.

Products meant for export will not have to meet Chinese standards unless the destination country does not have its own specific standards.