• May 28, 2024

Elfbar Brings Back the ‘Cigalike’ Disposable Vape

 Elfbar Brings Back the ‘Cigalike’ Disposable Vape

The classic cigalike vape stick is back. Elfbar launched its version of the iconic vape device last month in the UK after it was approved by the sovereign state’s Medicines Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The Elfbar Cigalike provides vapers with an estimated 400 puffs, and is designed for heavy smokers looking to quit combustible cigarettes.

“According to the NHS, vaping is one of the best ways to quit smoking,” Victor Xiao, chief executive of Elfbar, said. “Brands and the retail sector have an important role to play in getting this message out there to adult smokers by working closer together.”

A cigalike pen more closely replicates the feel and look of a traditional cigarette. The devices fell out of favor as pod-style devices took over the market during the past few years, according to Better Retailing.

The disposable Elfbar Cigalike pen features a compact design with a diameter of 9mm.

The product also includes an upgraded coil, and is described as a “modern version of the original cigalike vapes with more power, longer lasting battery, and improved taste due to the nic salts and better coils,” according to Better Retailing. The range comes in 20 flavor varieties.