Ireland Considering Vape Ban for Under-18 Youth

Credit: Promesa Art Studio

The sale of e-cigarettes and vaping products to under-18s is set to be banned in Ireland.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly is to seek Cabinet approval to ban the sale of “nicotine inhaling products” to those aged under 18 from early in the new year, according to Irish media.

Legislation is at an advanced stage and the minister will seek Cabinet approval to introduce a ban on the sale of vaping products to under-18s early next year.

Ireland has the highest rate of people who use e-cigarettes in the European Union at 7 percent, while the EU average is 2 percent.

Donnelly will also restrict the types of retailers that can sell vaping products, reducing the number of vape shops.

He also intends to curb the advertising of nicotine-inhaling products near schools. This will also apply to a number of other settings frequented by children and young teenagers.

A ban on advertisements for vaping instruments and CBD oils will also apply on public transport.

The intention is to limit children’s exposure to commercial messages “normalizing or glamourizing” the purchase and use of e-cigarettes, a source said.