• May 28, 2024

Australia to Weigh Tougher Shipping, Packaging Rules

 Australia to Weigh Tougher Shipping, Packaging Rules

Credit: Ymgerman

Credit: Ymgerman

Australia’s government says it will consider key changes including tightening importation rules and toughing up labelling laws for e-cigarettes in an effort to prevent youth use.

Australia’s drugs regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), will begin public consultation in four areas:

  • changes to importation and border control laws required to stop illegal products entering Australia;
  • pre-market assessments of vapes to create a regulated source of products for pharmacists and doctors to prescribe;
  • labelling, advertising and flavoring of vapes that make them attractive to children;
  • and stronger identification and regulation of nicotine-containing products.

Additionally, Health Minister Mark Butler announced menthol cigarettes will be banned, along with other cigarette flavors and additives, according to media reports.

The public consultation on vaping reforms will be open until Jan. 16. Butler will meet that same month with state and territory health ministers to discuss how a response to vaping can be coordinated nationally.

New graphic warnings for tobacco will be created, Butler said, and for the first time the government will look at requiring warnings like “smoking kills” on every individual cigarette, and changing the colors of cigarettes to be more unappealing.

He said the appealing names of products will also be tackled, health promotion inserts will be put into every cigarette packet and advertising regulations will be updated to include vaping products.

Tobacco control expert and member of the Australian Council On Smoking and Health, Maurice Swanson, said Butler had contributed to a “major step forward for public health and tobacco control in Australia”. But on vaping, he said Butler must “urgently” make the importation of all e-cigarettes prohibited, regardless of whether they contained nicotine.

“This regulation will empower Border Force to seize all e-cigs unless they are accompanied by a doctor’s prescription required by the TGA regulations,” he said.