Scotland may Consider Display Ban for E-Cigarettes

Credit: Paolo Giovanni

A lawmaker in Scotland wants to ban the public display of e-cigarettes in retail shops. Scottish Greens MSP Gillian Mackay wants retailers to treat them in the same way as cigarettes and hide them from view.

“This is beyond the days of smoking behind the bike sheds – this is a multi-million industry leading the nation’s health down a path to disaster,” Mackay said. “It is a ticking time-bomb and, until we know more, that’s not a risk I or anyone else should be asked to accept.”

She has written to shops and vape manufacturers ahead of taking her campaign to the Scottish Parliament, according to the Daily Record.

Mackay, the Green Party’s health spokesman, said there is growing concern that the number of under-age people being attracted by “deliberately sweet-toothed tactics” to market products is spiralling.

She is calling on retailers to lead by example by writing to them urging that they hide the products from view.