California: West Hollywood Apartment Vape Ban to Begin

Credit: Walter Cicchetti

Renters West Hollywood (WeHo), California, will soon be banned from using e-cigarettes inside their apartment. The ordinance also includes the patio or balcony.

A new section of the WeHo municipal code goes into effect Jan. 1 that prohibits smoking in “existing units” in multi-family dwellings, which basically means most apartments and duplex rentals.

The city defines “smoking” as cigarettes, cannabis and tobacco vapes, and other products made from tobacco and/or nicotine, such as heat-not-burn products and hookah, according to media reports.

Those caught breaking the new rule are subject to a fine ranging from $100 to $500. However, violations can not be grounds for eviction or imprisonment.

Using cannabis vapes remains legal if for medical purposes. “The City Council further finds that, in the interest of the public health and welfare, imposing restrictions on smoking or vaping cannabis in the privacy of one’ s residence is not warranted for tenants that consume cannabis for medicinal, therapeutic or recreational purposes,” the council stated. “State law does not allow cannabis smoking in public places and prohibiting cannabis consumption in private units would not leave available safe alternatives.”