Flavored Vaping Ban to be Proposed in Scotland

Legislatures in Scotland are proposing to ban flavored vaping products to “protect the health of children and young people”.

The Scottish Greens are set to propose plans to ban sweet-tasting vapes in 2023, with campaigners warning it is a “ticking time bomb” for young people’s health, according to media reports.

The party’s health spokesperson, Gillian Mackay, said she is also prepared to pursue legislation to ensure the health of those most likely to be impacted is preserved.

She said there is growing concern that the number of under-age people being attracted by “deliberately sweet-toothed tactics” used to market the products is spiraling.

Mackay also wants to ban the public display of e-cigarettes in retail shops. She said she wants retailers to treat them in the same way as cigarettes and hide them from view.