UK Trading Standards: Fake Vapes a Major Threat

Credit: Innovated Captures

According to UK Trading Standards officials, shops selling illegal vapes and the sale of vaping products to children are the top threats on the country’s High Streets.

Hundreds of thousands of vapes that flout current laws have been seized, according to BBC.

UK laws limit how much nicotine and e-liquid is contained in vapes, and which health warnings are required on packaging.

But some shops are selling vapes containing 12,000 puffs of e-liquid, when the law permits only about 600. Others contain illegally high levels of nicotine.

In the north-east of England alone, more than 1.4 tonnes of illegal vapes were seized from shops in the second half of last year, while in Kent there was a dramatic rise in counterfeit vaping products seized at Channel ports in December, with more than 300,000 removed.