• July 21, 2024

Kansas State Senators File Medical Marijuana Bill

 Kansas State Senators File Medical Marijuana Bill

Credit: promesaartstudio

A new push to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas is picking up some steam. The bill, if passed, would also make vaping cannabis illegal.

According to Marijuana Moment, state senators filed a new measure – SB 135 – that seeks to provide legal access to medical cannabis for people with debilitating conditions.

Backed by the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee, the new legislation would regulate the cultivation, processing, distribution, sale and use of medical cannabis.

“The patients of Kansas have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity for a program and to join the 37 other states that have adopted comprehensive medical cannabis programs,” Kevin Caldwell, a legislative manager at the Marijuana Policy Project told Marijuana Moment’s Kyle Jaeger. “Patients have been forced for too long to have to go to the illicit market for products that have not been tested for contaminants as well as face legal repercussions for possessing medicine that can greatly improve the quality of their lives.”

The licensing process would be overseen by a Division of Alcohol and Cannabis Control, while a Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee would supervise the implementation of the marijuana program.

Taxed at 10 percent, medical marijuana products would have to contain less than 35 percent THC for flower, while tinctures, oils and concentrates could not exceed 60 percent THC.