• April 16, 2024

Another Elfbar Brand Pulled From Some U.K. Shelves

 Another Elfbar Brand Pulled From Some U.K. Shelves

Elf bar lost mary

Another Elfbar brand is being pulled from U.K. store shelves after finding the products surpass the legal limit for e-liquid volumes.

Tests on samples of a Double Apple flavor Lost Mary brand vape found them to have an average of 3.6ml of nicotine liquid.

Sainsbury’s and Asda have now reportedly confirmed that they are banning the product following the findings, according to the U.K. mirror.

It comes just weeks after an investigation discovered the watermelon-flavored Elf Bar 600 product had at least 50 percent over the legal limit for nicotine e-liquid.

According to UK law, the amount of nicotine liquid in a vape is legally limited to 2ml with a maximum nicotine strength of 2 percent.

Elf Bar, which launched in 2021, sells around 2.5 million disposable 600s in the UK every week.