• April 16, 2024

Kaival Brands Signs New Distribution Agreements

 Kaival Brands Signs New Distribution Agreements

Photo: Kaival Brands Innovations Group

Photo: Bidi Vapor

Kaival Brands Innovations Group, the exclusive U.S. distributor of Bidi Vapor products, has entered into agreements representing potential new distribution to approximately 13,500 locations.

Under the terms of the agreements, Bidi Vapor’s Bidi Stick will initially be activated in 700 locations, with another 1,500 locations expected within the next 90 days. All of the new locations meet Kaival Brand’s and Bidi Vapor’s requirements for customer identification verification and youth-access prevention.

“We are excited to announce these significant new distribution agreements, totaling up to 13,500 new locations, as we look to continue the ramp up of marketing and sales activity for Bidi Stick. Since Bidi Vapor succeeded in its merits case against the FDA vacating FDA’s marketing denial order for ENDS products in August 2022, we have seen a resurgence of interested retailers and potential distributors,” said Kaival Brands President and Chief Operating Officer Eric Mosser in a statement.

“While the FDA continues to move slowly in enforcing against bad actors, major retailers are showing their commitment to e-cigarettes as a category and using corporate discretion to select brands that are committed to youth-access prevention and responsible marketing of adult products. We believe our products fit squarely in this category, and we are hopeful that this positioning will lead to greater revenues for Kaival Brands during 2023.”

“We are excited to increase the reach of the Bidi Stick by up to 13,500 new stores,” stated Russell Quick, president of QuikfillRx, which operates under the name Kaival Marketing Services. “These new agreements represent an immediate impact of 700 new locations to start and we believe represents a vote of confidence that retailers have in us and our products.”