VPZ Plans to Open 20 More Stores by End of Year

VPZ store in Bruntsfield, UK
Credit: VPZ

VPZ says it plans to have opened 20 additional stores by the end of the year as its expansion plans continue.

The Scottish vaping group’s director Doug Mutter is calling on the U.K. Government to follow the lead of New Zealand and increase regulation of the vaping market.

Edinburgh-headquartered VPZ plans to grow to 170 stores by the end of the year, according to insider.co.UK.

The chain has this year already opened stores in Hexham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and Newquay.

It says Falkirk and seven “major shopping center sites” are going through the acquisition process and that further growth is planned in the North East of England and Yorkshire.

Mutter also called for tighter controls and licensing for selling vaping products.

“At VPZ, we are firmly focused on helping adult smokers quit and have helped over 700,000 people quit smoking since we were established in 2012,” he said.