Elfbar Avoids Mandatory Recall Notice for E-Liquid Fiasco

Authorities are satisfied with Elfbar’s response to the controversy over the company’s products that did not meet legal requirements, reports ECigIntelligence, and there was no need for a mandatory recall.

Elfbar worked quickly to recall the product with retailers, and the company has confirmed that it was not subject to any formal recall or withdrawal notice issued by regulators.

The products in question cannot be legally sold, however.

The company was found to be selling e-liquid with volumes more than 50 percent over the UK’s legal limit after an investigation by The Daily Mail.

The Chinese vaping giant admitted “inadvertently” breaking the law and ‘wholeheartedly apologized’ following lab tests of its 600 brand of disposable vape pens.

Recently, another Elfbar brand is being pulled from U.K. store shelves after finding the products surpass the legal limit for e-liquid volumes.