Innokin Holds Anniversary Celebration for 2 Devices

Innokin is holding an anniversary celebration in honor of the company’s Endura and Platform series products.

Endura and Platform products have been on the market for eight years and six years, respectively.

During the event, Innokin is making all purchases of Endura and Platform series products eligible for a prize draw. Innokin is also offering special discounts to distributors and wholesalers on direct orders throughout the anniversary campaign.

The company’s flagship entry-level Endura series launched in 2015 with the Endura T18. Since then, the reliable build quality and consistent performance of the T18 have become its defining features, according to Innokin.

The Platform series, which was designed in collaboration with vaping experts Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis, launched in 2017.

Since being introduced to the market, both Endura and Platform series products have sold millions of units in more than 100 markets, according to Innokin.

The anniversary celebration ends on April 16, 2023.