• February 27, 2024

Vaporesso Showcases Latest Products at Vapexpo France

 Vaporesso Showcases Latest Products at Vapexpo France

 The world’s largest open-system vaping manufacturer, Vaporesso, brought to the forefront its latest lineup of products during Vapexpo France 2023, held from April 16-17 at the Lyon Convention Centre.

The company highlighted its XROS series, the Luxe X series and the ECO series. Vaporesso also had the official release of its latest 80W pod mod the Luxe XR Max, which joins the other high-quality products in the Luxe X family.

With the goal of enhancing efficiency, the new Luxe XR Max adopts a super high-density battery and comes in a smaller size compared to other 80W pod devices. Despite its smaller size, the XR Max carries a 40 percent larger battery capacity, resulting in a longer battery life and successfully addressing the issue of imbalance between size and battery life.

“Powered by Vaporesso’s exclusive Corx Heating Tech, the Luxe XR Max offers a smooth and flavorful user experience with its long-lasting taste restoration rate,” according to a release. “The new device also comes with a higher vaporization efficiency ratio to provide consistently sheer flavor accuracy and extends the coil lifespan by 50 percent.”

Vaporesso also unveiled the ECO series, a new range of devices for disposable vaping users seeking a more eco-friendly and economic option. Available in June, the ECO series features refillable pods, long-lasting battery life, and eco-friendly packaging.

“They are also safer and cleaner than disposables as they do not produce any substances from long-term liquid immersion or leakage during transport,” the release states. “With the ECO series, Vaporesso aims to make it easy for more disposable vaping users to ‘GO ECO, GO GREEN.'”