Juul Labs’ Minnesota Settlement Tops $60 Million

Credit: Ontronix

Leaders in the U.S. state of Minnesota reported a $60.5 million settlement with Juul Labs over youth vaping on Wednesday, one month after the state abruptly ended a Hennepin County jury trial before closing arguments were set to begin.

The money, which is front-loaded, according to Attorney General Keith Ellison and Gov. Tim Walz, is expected to go toward fighting tobacco use, vaping and smoking. Under the settlement, the terms weren’t public for 30 days, according to the Star Tribune.

In opening statements on March 28, Ellison made the state’s case, saying youth smoking was nearly eliminated before the e-cigarette maker lured teens with fruity flavors, fun ads and sleek, colorful designs. He portrayed the suit as a continuation of the earlier fight against Big Tobacco.

Many states sued Juul Labs in recent years over their marketing to teens, but Minnesota was the only one to take the manufacturer to trial. Before trial, Ellison said he wasn’t satisfied with the settlement offers made by the manufacturer.