• June 13, 2024

Australia: Vapers to be Hit by More Strict Rules

 Australia: Vapers to be Hit by More Strict Rules

The Australian government has launched secret talks on introducing a strict near-complete ban on vaping in the country but has hidden the new proposals from the public, according to media reports. The rules could force traveler’s to the country to have a doctor’s note for any vape brought to the country.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration – which oversees the approval of prescription drugs and medicines for the government – has revealed the secret plans in an official consultation paper.

It outlines four proposals including a widespread ban on all single-use vapes, fruit-flavored vapes, personal importation of vaping products and all vaping ads. Only therapeutic nicotine vapes on prescription, available through pharmacies, would be allowed under the reforms – and they will only be tobacco or mild mint-flavored.

Prescription vape liquid will also be banned from using any ingredients outside a limited list of medically-approved chemicals under the proposed legislation.

All travelers to Australia will need to bring a prescription for their vape or a letter from their doctor, and be limited in how much vape they can bring into the country.  A consultation paper and feedback form is also hidden from public view and is not included in TGA’s list of other past and present consultation papers on its website.