• May 28, 2024

Disposables Claim Nearly 40% of Global Vape Market

 Disposables Claim Nearly 40% of Global Vape Market

Credit: Iama Sing

Photo: Alexander Gavrilichev

Disposable e-cigarettes account for almost 40 percent of the vape sector, according to new analysis from ECigIntelligence.

After an initial boom in the United States, the disposables market is now growing at a faster pace in other countries.

Consumers are attracted to disposables mainly by convenience and low price, but there are variations in products internationally.

For example, due to the EU Tobacco Product Directive’s (TPD) restrictions on the amount of e-liquid in vape products, the size of disposables has increased much more in non-TPD countries.

On the other hand, in some TPD markets there has been an increase in zero-nicotine products, as these are allowed to have a larger tank capacity.

Another notable recent development is the emergence of products that address the environmental concerns associated with disposables, for example products made mostly of paper, or with biodegradable components.

To provide further insight into the global disposables market, ECigIntelligence has now launched a disposable e-cigarettes tracker.

The data shows how disposable vape pricing, technical features, flavors and nicotine strengths have developed since 2020 across brands carried by leading online retailers. Users can even select specific models and see their closest competitors in the market in terms of features such as number of puffs, e-liquid capacity, battery capacity, and physical shape.

“The disposables market has ballooned at such a rate that there is an urgent need for reliable, in-depth data,” said Tim Phillips, managing director of Tamarind Intelligence, which produces ECigIntelligence. “This new tracker will provide the intelligence that players at every level in the industry have been crying out for as they formulate their strategy on disposable products.”