• February 28, 2024

Snowplus to Launch 2 New Disposables at Vaper Expo UK

 Snowplus to Launch 2 New Disposables at Vaper Expo UK

Snowplus will soon launch two all-new disposable e-cigarettes. The Snowplus Gold Bar and Snowplus Clic are the first 5,000 puffs TPD-compliant devices to come to market, according to an emailed press release.

Debuting at the Vaper Expo UK, to be held from October 27-29 in Birmingham, England, the new products represent a “pioneering innovation” in the vaping market, according to Snowplus.

“The Snowplus Gold Bar will be the game-changer in the industry, it will definitely lead the product development direction,” said a Snowplus spokesperson. “A 5,000-puff TPD disposable vape has never been seen in the UK market before.”

All vaping products sold in the UK must comply with the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Most legal disposable vaping products in the UK deliver less than 800 puffs in order to meet TPD requirements.

The Gold Bar and Clic models both feature transparent e-liquid tanks that give users a clear, real-time view of remaining juice levels. The products also utilize lab-tested mesh coils made of specialized materials to deliver consistent and authentic flavor across 16 different juice options.

“Snowplus has pioneered responsible innovation since its founding in 2019,” the release states. “With $40 million in funding from renowned investors like Sequoia Capital, the company aims to provide better alternatives to combustible cigarettes for adult consumers.”

The Snowplus Gold Bar and Clic have also passed numerous third-party safety tests.