• June 22, 2024

Raising the Bar: Huml Reviews the Flonq Max

 Raising the Bar: Huml Reviews the Flonq Max

Flonq Max

The Flonq Max packs a lot into a small package in terms of value, vape quality and flavor choice.

By Mike Huml

The Flonq Max is one of the more unique-looking pod systems on the market today. With a rounded design, it definitely looks a bit odd at first but not in a way that would draw attention or come off as tactless. It does, however, show a level of design inspiration that isn’t often seen in the world of disposable vapes.

While the technology beneath the shell isn’t exactly innovative, the fantastic implementation of currently existing technology shines brightly in the vape quality of the Flonq Max. This disposable pod system may not break the mold in terms of innovation, but the quality and value that it offers more than make up for any contrived new features that are largely unnecessary for pod systems.

At first glance, the Flonq Max looks very different from other pod systems and disposables. While other products mostly fall into the box shape with rounded edges, the Flonq is mostly rounded with one flat edge on which to set down the device. It more closely resembles a medical device, and perhaps that is by design.

It’s slightly larger than comparable devices but very light and easy to hold. The rounded, egg-like shape makes it easier for vapers with smaller hands to palm, for those with a preference. The Flonq Max has a glossy finish, but it doesn’t seem to retain fingerprints, possibly due to it being white. Overall, the Flonq Max is a bit chunkier than comparable pod systems, but the size is warranted due to the high battery and e-liquid capacities.

The Flonq Max houses a large 650 mAh battery and contains 14 mL of e-liquid with a strength of 35 mg. For average users, this is roughly 7 days’ to 10 days’ worth of e-liquid and at least one day’s worth of battery life. Heavier users may need to charge the Flonq Max more often; however, it does feature passthrough functionality and can be used while charging.

Any USB Type-C cable can be used to charge the Flonq Max, and a full charge can be achieved in under 30 minutes. A single white LED located on the flat edge of the device illuminates when a drag is taken or when it is charging. It will also blink several times when the user attempts to take a drag with a low battery, indicating that a charge is needed. The Flonq Max is draw-activated with no buttons or menus to worry about. It is extremely simple to use, and even new users should be able to get vaping within seconds, even with no prior knowledge.

Each Flonq Max comes included with a built-in mesh coil heating element. Mesh coils are ideal for pod systems as they require lower power to produce adequate vapor, which extends battery life and ensures peak efficiency when it comes to the e-liquid. The 14 mL capacity is advertised as the equivalent of 8,000 puffs, but this is difficult to determine without an included puff counter. However, as a rough guideline, the average user can expect large-capacity devices such as the Flonq Max to last for one week before the e-liquid starts to run dry.

Aesthetically, the Flonq Max is definitely unique and stands apart from the competition without drawing too much attention or being too flashy. Technologically, the features are fairly standard for disposable devices—a hefty battery, large e-liquid capacity and a mesh coil all contribute to voluminous vapor and admirable efficiency.

In terms of vape quality, while the Flonq Max doesn’t stand head and shoulders above the competition, it is certainly up there with the best of them. There are a variety of flavors offered, and each is as clean and bold as the last. Vapor production is indeed impressive as well, but the Flonq Max isn’t unique in that regard. The one area in which the Flonq Max can claim the top prize is the draw. The airflow of this device is extremely smooth.

Airflow enters through a pinhole on the flat edge of the device, as per usual with disposable devices, but the draw has no perceptible turbulence and never causes spitback. Although the airflow is not adjustable, it’s balanced perfectly for mouth-to-lung vaping. Again, like most other pod systems and disposables, direct-to-lung vaping is technically possible but is not recommended due to the restricted airflow and high nicotine concentration.

When it comes to flavors, the Flonq Max also stands out from the crowd due to the sheer variety. Other brands do have many flavors but mostly include fruits. The Flonq Max does have fruit flavors, such as Watermelon Ice, Cherry Peach and Grape, but it breaks from the mold a bit with other flavors not generally seen in disposables such as Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Ice Cream and Yummy Bear.

Mike Huml
Mike Huml has been vaping since 2009 and has been working in the vapor industry for more than five years. He has extensive experience in various industry segments, including purchasing, quality assurance and content creation.

There is even a flavorless option called Clear, which is rare to see. Instead of a multitude of vaguely differentiated fruit flavors, the Flonq Max truly offers options for vapers of different tastes. Each flavor is available in a strength of 35 mg, which is a good middle ground that should appeal to the majority of vapers.

Even with a relatively high nicotine strength, the throat hit is not overbearing. There is certainly a satisfying kick with each drag, but the airflow does a fantastic job of mitigating any harshness. The salt form of nicotine used in the Flonq Max and many other mouth-to-lung devices also mellows out the harshness of the nicotine very well.

The vapor production of the Flonq Max is also impressive in that a light draw will produce a nice cloud comparable to a traditional cigarette, if not more. Many lower quality vapes out there require a good amount of huffing and puffing with little payoff, but with the Flonq Max, it’s effortless.

The mesh heating element and smooth airflow are paired perfectly to produce an easy, relaxing vape experience. What’s more, the airflow is as close to silent as has been possible up to this point in time. Even with more aggressive drags, it can be difficult to hear the sound of the draw, which only adds to that “smooth” vaping experience.

A word on value: The Flonq Max can be had for $18 to $30 at a retail level, which is right around average for disposable devices. For heavy users, this can accumulate quickly but is still cheaper than smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. Most users will find that the price is reasonable for a week’s worth of hassle-free and maintenance-free vaping.

So the price may be a selling point but not one that would push a potential customer toward the Flonq Max over a similar product. However, given the price, the flavor selection has the potential to be a major selling point. Fruit flavors are a dime a dozen, and it’s becoming harder and harder to find bakery or beverage flavors.

The Flonq Max offers those flavors as well as fruit and fruit-and-menthol flavors, leaving room for users to try out not just different flavors but entirely new categories of flavors. For shop owners that also sell bottled e-liquid and refillable devices, the Flonq Max could be a great way to expose customers to a wider variety of products.

The Flonq Max doesn’t do anything particularly groundbreaking, but is doesn’t necessarily need to. What is does, it does very well, and it’s always a good idea to not overcomplicate a tried-and-true product design that appeals to a wide range of vapers. The mesh heating element produces big, flavorful clouds and keeps the power and e-liquid consumption to a minimum.

The large battery only needs to be charged once per day for most normal users and doesn’t add any unnecessary hassle. The star of the show here is really the airflow. While it’s not adjustable, it doesn’t need to be as it’s perfectly smooth and quiet as is. And again, airflow and other added features would only take away from the smooth design aesthetic and simplicity that is extremely important for disposable devices.

While the shape may take some getting used to, it should also be noted that since it can only be set down on the one flat edge, that edge does a nice job of keeping the device from tipping over. It’s a small thing, but many pod systems and disposables are on the thinner side, and that causes them to topple when a table is bumped.

When set down on the flat side, the Flonq Max is very difficult to knock over. In any case, the shape works. It’s unique and helps the Flonq Max stand apart from its peers without being offensive to the eye. And with the theme of the Flonq Max appearing to be “a smooth vaping experience,” the smooth, rounded aesthetic ties in nicely.

The Flonq Max packs a lot into a small package in terms of value, vape quality and flavor choice. It leans toward simplicity and smoothness rather than innovation and features, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Flonq Max is a great disposable in and of itself, and that’s something that’s readily apparent to anyone who tries it. It may be just another disposable, but it’s not just another disposable.