• April 16, 2024

Shisha Vibe, Waste Care Partner to Recycle Vapes

 Shisha Vibe, Waste Care Partner to Recycle Vapes

Shisha Vibe, a vape store in London, announced it has a new disposable vape recycling program being offered across its retail stores.

The company’s new disposable vape recycling program partners with Waste Care, a recycling and waste management service specializing in hazardous waste removal. The scheme has been designed to provide customers and the local community with easy access to 30-litre bins to encourage the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of single-use vapes, according to a release.

“Shisha Vibe is at the forefront of promoting environmental sustainability in the vaping industry, thanks to our groundbreaking partnership with Waste Care,” said a spokesperson for Shisha Vibe. “This collaboration has led to the introduction of a unique disposable vape recycling scheme within our retail stores.

“Centered around the installation of 30-liter bins, this initiative invites our customers to participate actively in eco-friendly practices by depositing their used disposable vapes. We’re proud to offer our customers a practical solution to vape waste, demonstrating our dedication to a greener future and responsible vaping practices.”

Earlier this year, Waste Care partnered with UK retailer B&M in a vape recycling program, along with the e-cigarette brand Elf Bar and vaping manufacturer Supreme plc.

The partnership is said to have introduced more than 700 in-store vape recycling bins across B&M retail locations.

The hazardous waste management provider oversees the collection of the bins once full, ensuring the responsible disposal of single-use devices.