• April 16, 2024

Taiwan Group Protests Heated Tobacco Regulations

 Taiwan Group Protests Heated Tobacco Regulations

Image: butenkow

The Clean Air Alliance has called on the Taiwanese public to join a protest in front of the Presidential Office Building in Taipei March 22, 2024, against heated tobacco regulations that  benefit traditional cigarette manufacturers, reports The Taipei Times.

The group states that though its been a year since the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act was amended, heated-tobacco products cannot be sold legally but 14 new types of traditional paper-wrapped cigarettes have been approved for sale.

The alliance noted that the review standards for heated-tobacco products and traditional cigarettes are disparate and unfair toward heated-tobacco products, which benefits cigarette manufacturers.

Police have put traffic restrictions in place in the area due to the protest.

The protest is set to begin at 9 a.m. and end by noon.