• July 22, 2024

Broughton to Open Heated Tobacco Testing Facility

 Broughton to Open Heated Tobacco Testing Facility
Photo: Broughton

Broughton will open a dedicated facility for heated-tobacco products (HTPs) at its Oak Tree House site in Lancashire, U.K. The space will allow the scientific consultancy and testing specialist to assist manufacturers with a fully integrated HTP service, from the testing and characterization of products through to toxicology and regulatory submission support. 

Broughton’s HTP facility will house new testing equipment, such as conditioning cabinets, smoke engines and analytical equipment.

Broughton can test an HTP for a specific suite of harmful and potentially harmful constituents based on the PMI-58 and regulatory required analytes to ensure there are no major toxicological concerns. Its team will also conduct paper-based toxicology assessments to confirm the absence of any other ingredients or materials of high concern.

“Heated tobacco is an area of growing interest in the next-generation nicotine market, as it’s widely accepted that most of the toxicants associated with combustible cigarettes are caused by the burning of tobacco,” said Chris Allen, CEO of Broughton.

“Developing and commercializing heated-tobacco products can offer smokers a reduced-risk alternative—the device heats sufficiently to release nicotine but not high enough for combustion.”

“Understanding the potentially harmful chemicals and the toxicological impact of a nicotine product is essential for marketing authorization,” said Malcolm Saxton, senior consultant at Broughton. “Our new facility will aid our provision of accredited, accurate and flexible testing for all stages of HTP product development.”