• May 28, 2024

Filtrona Launches Heated Tobacco Product Filters

 Filtrona Launches Heated Tobacco Product Filters
Photo: Filtrona

Filtrona has launched a series of new filters for heated-tobacco products (HTP), the Boreas range.

The new range includes Boreas SideFlow, a patent-pending filter with a simplified design, and Boreas CoolBridge, which combines the company’s ECO Paper Bridge cooling segment with mono acetate and its Finewall Tube to create a balanced retention and cooling mechanism.

“As more of our customers move into the rapidly growing HTP market, the launch of our Boreas range of HTP filters is timely and exciting for consumers and the wider industry alike,” said Filtrona Global Director of Innovation and ESG Hugo Azinheira in a statement. “We are thrilled to support our customers with a dedicated range of HTP filters that bear the hallmark of our innovative and unique designs.”

Azinheira said HTP customers would benefit from Filtrona’s considerable expertise. “Our industry knowledge helps companies to catch emerging trends, adapt to changes and build strong brands,” he said.

“For any of our customers that are looking to enter the HTP segment, collaborating with our team of experts can significantly speed up the product development and commercialization processes, giving them a crucial edge in the market.”