• July 21, 2024

Mike Huml Reviews the New Flonq Max Pro System

 Mike Huml Reviews the New Flonq Max Pro System

The Flonq Max Pro’s airflow is smooth and quiet, and there is no struggle to produce vapor.

By Mike Huml

The Flonq Max Pro is a newly released version of the Flonq Max that offers multiple quality-of-life improvements and upgrades while retaining the same look and feel. The Max Pro isn’t just an ordinary disposable. Sure, it’s simple to use and isn’t loaded up with bells and whistles, but it performs wonderfully and has a great aesthetic. These coupled with the convenience of new features make the Max Pro more than worthy of keeping an eye on.

As far as standard features are concerned, the Max Pro includes a 650 mAh internal battery that’s charged via a USB type-C port on the bottom of the device. It contains 18 mL of e-liquid and is advertised to last 20,000 puffs. There is no adjustable airflow, but the default airflow is very smooth and restrictive enough to be reminiscent of a cigarette.

The unique flattened egg shape is very comfortable to hold, even though it may be slightly too large for those with small hands or those who are looking for something truly tiny. The trade-off is increased liquid capacity and battery life, and Flonq offers several smaller products as well. The Max Pro is the largest device in the line, tied with the Flonq Ultra.

On the flat side of the Max Pro is a screen and a button. The screen will illuminate during and for a short time after each drag to display the remaining e-liquid and battery life, and that is a great new trend being seen in high-end disposables. It takes all the guesswork out of using these devices while retaining all the simplicity of operation.

The button below the screen serves one purpose, and that is to toggle boost mode. When boost mode is activated, the rocket ship icon on the screen will turn from white to red, and the Max Pro will fire at a higher power. The heating element is two mesh coils, so even in boost mode, burning and dry hits are nonissues.

One may think that boost mode decreases the puff count, but that’s not necessarily true. While in normal mode, the Max Pro can be used as most any other mouth-to-lung device—long, slow drags as vapers have become accustomed to in order to give the heating element ample time to heat up and produce good vapor.

In boost mode, the Max Pro can be treated more like a traditional cigarette, with quick and sharp drags producing the same amount of vapor in less time. When used in this way, boost mode will still yield around 20,000 puffs since those puffs are shorter and about the same amount of e-liquid is consumed per drag.

However, when long, slow drags are taken while boost mode is active, this will use more e-liquid and more battery power per puff and shorten the life span. While this is not a feature unique to the Max Pro, Flonq’s implementation is among the best. There is a clear purpose to its usage, and it serves to appeal to vapers with different preferences.

As far as vape quality goes, the Max Pro competes with the best of them. Airflow is smooth and quiet, and there is no struggle to produce vapor. There is no spitback, gurgling, leaking or dry hits even when the device is set down sideways (this is necessary given the shape—it cannot be set down with the mouthpiece facing up).

Flonq also offers upward of 25 flavors ranging from tobacco and menthol to candy and fruit flavors. There is something here for everyone to enjoy, and each flavor packs a punch. Each drag is bold and flavorful and sticks to the tongue after the device is set down. Each flavor is distinct and refreshing as most of the fruit flavors contain at least a hint of menthol to bring out the crispness of the fruit flavor.

The Flonq Max Pro is as close to a perfect disposable device as one can currently get. It’s not overly large, although the size is justified. It’s more than capable of lasting the average vaper at least one week and several days for heavy users. The battery is on the average side, but even heavy users can expect to get about a full day’s worth of use before a charge is required.

The screen shows essential information at a glance, removing any frustration associated with relying on a disposable device to make it through the day. What’s more, the Max Pro features passthrough functionality, so it can be used while it’s charging. A full charge takes about 30 minutes, which just about pushes the limit of how fast a battery can be charged.

The aesthetic quality is great as well. The glossy, hard plastic might not be appealing to everyone at first, but it doesn’t attract fingerprints or ever start to look dingy unlike many other devices that opt for the rubberized matte finish. Each flavor corresponds to a specific colorway, making it easy to identify which flavor is which for those who like variety, and the colors do not cross the line into being tacky or toy-like.

The Flonq Max Pro is undoubtedly one of, if not the best disposable vapor device on the market. It vapes great, has a unique look that doesn’t go over the top, and a multitude of flavors are available for vapers of all preferences. If that wasn’t enough, the screen is actually very useful and easy to read while boost mode makes way for multiple vape styles.

There really is no better device that not only includes all the necessary features but also retains maximum simplicity. First-time vapers should have no qualms about opening the package and having a vape right away with no prior knowledge. All things considered, the Flonq Max Pro improves upon its predecessor in all the ways that matter and then some.