• July 21, 2024

Reynolds Files PMTA for Age-Gated Vuse Pro System

 Reynolds Files PMTA for Age-Gated Vuse Pro System

Credit: JHVEPhoto

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. has filed the final pre-market tobacco product application submissions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its Vuse Pro age-gated device. The electronic nicotine delivery system device platform connects to a mobile application that verifies the consumer’s age through a third-party provider.

Once verified, the device will unlock. It uses a unique design to only allow compatible Vuse Pro pods to be used. The technology and mobile application also enable features such as auto-lock and proximity lock to further secure device access.

“Our PMTA submissions to the FDA underscore our commitment to both offering adult tobacco and vapor consumers choices as well as underage access prevention,” said Reynolds Executive Vice President of Scientific Research and Development Tim Nestor in a statement. “We don’t want our products in the hands of youth, period. The Vuse Pro ENDS platform provides a solution that limits access to adult consumers while also offering flavors that appeal to current adult smokers and a unique vapor experience.”